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5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

5 Facebook Advertising Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence

Over the years, Facebook has turned into one of the largest marketplaces in the world. From locally based businesses to large corporations, everyone is using Facebook’s vast user base to connect with their target audience. Companies can now engage with their customers, showcase their products, and even sell products and services online using the social media platform.

Facebook Advertising Tips

But with the rising competition online, reaching out to potential customers can be difficult. Whether you plan to take up Facebook promotions on your own or hire a professional Facebook advertising company, these tested advertising tips can help boost your social media presence and sell more online:

  1. Understand your audience well

A successful advertising campaign always starts with knowing the target audience. Start with identifying the key behavioral patterns and interests of your customers. This information will help you build a customer profile, which serves as a base of your advertising campaign. A premier Facebook marketing company in Sacramento can help you mine user trend data and create customer profiling for your campaigns.

  1. Establish your campaigns strategically

Many times, brands do not have a clear vision of what they want to achieve from their social media marketing. Planning and executing a campaign requires a complete understanding of what it is aimed at. Whether you want to build a community of your potential customers or sell products online, each objective will have a different campaign. So talk to your Facebook advertising company to clearly define your objectives and ensure your investment in advertising yields maximum returns.

  1. Consider Retargeted Ads

While the pool of potential customers on Facebook is unlimited, targeting your entire audience can be difficult, and often expensive. This is where retargeting ads come in. You can choose to present your ads to customers who have either purchased from your company in the past or have interacted with your brand recently. Retargeted ads deliver higher quality leads which can be converted easily. A professional company offering Facebook management services in Sacramento can help you build a strong retargeting campaign that helps drive more sales.

  1. Explore the various ad formats

Facebook now offers a variety of ad formats which enable you to display your messaging more creatively and efficiently. Apart from the usual image, GIF and video ads, you can also choose from Carousel and Slideshow ads that present your products in a more appealing style.

Include the different ad types in your campaign and assess how your audience reacts to the various formats. Not only does this keep your ad campaign fresh and interesting for your customers, but it also helps you identify what works best for your products. Based on this information, your Facebook marketing company in Sacramento can tweak and upgrade your campaign to get better results.

  1. Focus on putting out Mobile first content

These days, most Facebook users are accessing the platform using their mobile phones. This is why it has become important to create ads that are best viewed in the portrait /mobile format. Vertical images, videos and easy to swipe carousels have become increasingly popular. By including “mobile first” content in your campaign, you can get more impressions and leads, which in turn, give you more sales and visibility online.

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