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Dental Marketing- How to Double the Leads by Listening To Your Patients

Social Media For Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing- How to Double the Leads by Listening To Your Patients

Social media and online marketing is a cost-effective and rather personalized way of engaging with your patients. It helps you brand your practice better, promote your offerings, and raise awareness amongst your audience. But unlike other platforms, social media allows you to listen to your audience as well. A highly engaged audience is a mark of a successful social media strategy, but that needs to be utilized to increase your leads.

Dental Marketing With Social Media

By responding to the comments on your posts, mentions across the platforms, and engaging with your patients directly, you can double the leads from social media in no time. Making your dental practice a receptive and revered brand online requires listening to your patients online, engaging with your target audience, and expertise in curating high-quality content that reflects the message perfectly.

Strive for building a “community” instead of a customer base

For so long, businesses have been focused on having more customers. While a larger customer base is a parameter for growth, people do not want to be represented as numbers. Especially when it comes to healthcare services like dental practices, addressing them as “customers” fails to drive an emotional response.

Instead, focus on building a loyal community around your offerings to add a personal and emotional appeal to your products. This involves delivering content that resonates with your audience beyond the sales pitch or USPs. You can hire an expert Facebook marketing company in Sacramento to create and execute a comprehensive social media strategy that focuses on community building.

When people feel that they are a part of the brand, they become loyal customers for a long time. A community around your brand also helps promote your offerings better as you get constant feedback on your services and messaging. This allows you to re-assess, improvise, and improve your plan in real time.

Not just online, but you need to keep your ears focused on what your patients are talking about you offline or in the real world. Managing reputation, tackling competition and offering referral benefits and discounts can help you become the favorite dentist in town.

Curate and present content that helps people “know you better

The true essence of marketing is the ability to connect with your target audience on a more emotional level. This means developing a sense of familiarity and fraternity with the content you are publishing.

As a dental practitioner or dental care service provider, the majority of the content you upload on Facebook or other platforms should talk about dental problems, latest technological advancements in dentistry, & of course, what you offer. A professional agency offering social media management services in Sacramento can help you clearly list down your content strategy, create a plan and schedule posts to ensure continuous engagement.

Along with this, give your audience a glimpse into your brand beyond your practice and offerings. Uploading personal experiences, interactions with patients, showcasing success stories, etc can help build a sense of trust amongst your target customers, thus helping your brand stand out.

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