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Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

Generate Leads With Facebook Ads

Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

Are you struggling to attract new leads through Facebook?

Wondering how to create Facebook Lead Ads that get more clicks and conversions?

In this article, will answer to the most sizzling questions how to generate qualified leads from Facebook ads.

Here are five best ways to generate leads for your business:


The way your advertisement looks, determine the number of people that glance over and scroll or that stop and read what the ad is about. Using the appropriate but attractive image, headline, content and colors is important.

  • The image of a relatable smiling person or a healthy animal in the Facebook Ad is the most successful in capturing the viewer’s attention. For example, a dull or complex is less likely to intrigue and user, while something fun and smart is always a thumbs-up.
  • Headlines need to communicate value and call to action. The advertisement might go unnoticed in absence of a headline that conveys the highlight. Imagine seeing the words like “Free”, “Limited period offer” or “Hurry Up”. Don’t they urge you to go through the advertisement? Such words are known to trigger curiosity in a reader’s mind.
  • Colour and content go hand in hand. Using colors that don’t merge with the Facebook color scheme (blue or white) should be kept in mind. Colors should be bold and bright but not too sparkly. However, when it’s about content, simple and stupid is believed to be more eye-catching than something complex. Content should be on point, conveying the exact information. Colors not too bright, but still bold enough and the content that briefly helps you with the details of your product, services or the offer are the best matches.

2. Targeting Right Audience

Wouldn’t you love the idea of spending your money exactly at the place from where it can earn for you? After all, you need to ensure that all the money is well-spent, not wasted. Facebook ad targeting is what makes it a good investment. An advertisement, no matter how interesting and eye-catching, cannot be fruitful for any organization if it’s not reaching the right audience. It might attract viewers and get likes, but won’t get you the good leads. With the options to be incredibly specific, Facebook ads can target the exact audience that you need.

You can either target the lookalike audience by creating a custom audience through Facebook Ads tools or target the audience by Precise and Broad Category Interest. To create a custom audience (Lookalike) you are required to follow these steps:

  • Import the list of your existing customers or CRM into the Facebook Ads tools.
  • Highlight the existing customers and then choose the option – “create similar audience”.
  • The feature helps the Facebook Ad to reach the audience that has characteristics or interests similar to your existing customers but are not your customers yet.

Also, choosing the audience by Precise and Broad Category Interest would mean you have a number of categories to specify – the age-group, gender, occupation, location and much more. Choosing an audience this specific increases the return substantially and the higher click-through-rates can be seen as higher conversion.

 3. Diverting the traffic to the landing page:

Every business wants to see the conversion of as many leads as possible to a final sale. Sending Facebook users to a landing page is one of the best ways to find the best quality leads. The landing pages can be optimized with thorough details of the product that you’re selling.

Posting a contest in the Facebook Ad and diverting the traffic to a contest-entered landing page is another great idea of obtaining qualified leads if executed cleverly and include the right prize. Offering the users something related to your product will attract only the relevant audience.

For example, if the prize is a discount coupon of one of your products, chances are the people who are interested in your products, will click on it and participate, which will help you in generating leads that are more likely to convert in the sale. However, if you offer a cash prize or something that’s not relevant to your product, it will keep users engaged, but the chances are – the participants will unsubscribe from your marketing e-mails as soon as the contest is over. A contest offering cash prize gives you 1000 leads, out of which less than 10% is actually interested in your product. On the other hand, you give away a discount voucher to your winners and earn 500 leads, of which 50% actually take the route to conversion. Let’s work on some calculations.

For a detailed version of generating the traffic of landing page through a Facebook ad, please hit the below link:

4. Email Gated Pieces of Content:

Another best way to make the most of a Facebook ad is through E-mail gated contents. Some perfect ideas for email-gated contents are:

  • E-books
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Case study
  • How-to-guide

Any such content that can be created by sparing your knowledge on one particular topic can influence a business. Such pieces can be uploaded on the website in PDF format and by creating an attractive Facebook Ad with good images and details, targeted the right audience who are likely to value the content, can be email-gated, simply by allowing the readers a small preview of the content and asking them to visit your website or landing page and provide their e-mail id before being able to download the worthy piece of information.

The examples of such content involve the fluctuations of any specific market (preferably relevant) and the predictions or assumptions based on such happenings, a good read related to the interesting facts or stories about the business and impairing wisdom about a certain experience that the right audience will find relatable.

5. Don’t say no to optimization for better conversion

To make the most out of what you’ve spent on a Facebook Ad, you must not think of it as a setup-and-forget process. Constant monitoring of the performance of your ads helps you to know if it’s working the way you want it to. The click-through-rate and generation of leads will be helping you with a clear picture if things are working in your favor.

Any new lead that you get needs to be worked on to get it to reach fruition. The transparent pieces of details in any Ad have a high probability of catching the attention of people that are potential customers. Monitoring helps you understand if a specific Ad is attracting the right kind of audience and in case of non-satisfactory results, you can keep improving. Constant optimization is required to get the best returns out of a Facebook Ad.

These were some of the steps that are believed to make any Facebook Ad a success.

Above all, the scenarios at any given point of time and market vary from each other and it is advised that one should imply the said strategies considering the product and market they are promoting.

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