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Oxfordshire Personal Training

Generate relevant leads and brand awareness for the business in Oxfordshire

Success Story

Search Campaigns were run for the lead generation and conversion, while display ads were optimized mainly for the brand promotion. The requirements of the business were fulfilled with exclusive result.

7 X Increase in Leads.
5 X Increase in website visitors.

Their Story

Oxfordshire Personal Training

The personal training service that helps you with nutritional plans, program design, supplementation and classes. The company, with an approach to healthier living, intends to provide people with a lifestyle management program. 

Having an experience of 3 decades, Oxfordshire Personal Training is redesigning people’s life, helping them reach the highest state of fitness by addressing the areas of motivation, exercise, nutrition and supplementation. 

The company provides 1-1 personal training, nutritional programming, exercise classes, body composition testing and helps the customers through a unique mobile app as well

Their Solution

Oxfordshire Personal Training partnered with digital ad agency Impact Media to bring in more users for personal training services that they provide. The team developed a search campaign that ran across Google Ad words and Facebook targeting Oxfordshire.

Lightning Fast Result

By implementing the Google Ad words and Facebook campaign, the team ensured the campaign reached the people who were most likely to take the selected conversion action, which was, in this scenario, joining the personal training services provided by Oxfordshire Personal Training.

Oxfordshire Personal Training found immediate success increasing users for their personal training services. The campaign successfully achieved good conversion from the search campaigns and display campaigns.

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