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Personalized Marketing – Why to Get Personal with Your Customers

Personalized Marketing – Why to Get Personal with Your Customers

With more and more businesses promoting their products online, the internet is filled with endless messaging. While it gives customers infinite choices, the sheer number of options can also be confusing and difficult to navigate through. By investing in personalized marketing, you can cut through the crowd of competition and ensure that the customers pay attention to your products or offerings.

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When you know what your customers are looking for, you can create a marketing plan that targets the right touchpoints. This delivers the most relevant messaging to your target audience, which customers highly appreciate today. By investing time and resources in learning about your customers, you show that you understand your expectations from the product or service, and you care about them beyond just pushing sales numbers.

Building a Community of Loyal Customers Becomes Easier

When you engage with your audience more personally, their attention span towards your brand increases. The percentage of repeat purchases by customers acquired through personalized marketing is more than other strategies. By creating emotional touchpoints like sending birthday wishes via emails, offering personalized discounts and referral benefits, and engaging on social media platforms, you can promote a sense of loyalty and fraternity amongst your customers.

This extra effort in connecting with your customers can go a long way in creating a community around your offerings. Not only does this increase your customer base, but it also gives you a larger platform to promote your products, and gain more visibility with mouth publicity.

Targeted Content Generates More Leads

The rise of big data and behavior-based marketing has led to higher lead generation, ultimately resulting in increased sales. You can easily increase quality leads to your website or store by identifying the right people to target your message. Presenting the right ad at the right spot and recommending the right product based on customers’ shopping or browsing trends helps redirect the customers into the sales funnel.

Techniques like Facebook retargeting, data-driven ads and targeted content development can get you more relevant leads that are easier to convert. If you do not have a thorough understanding of incorporating personalized marketing in your branding strategy, hiring expert social media management and Google advertising company can help you make the most of your data.

It Helps Promote Cross-Selling Of Products

Not only can you easily convert leads generated via personalized marketing, but you can also even incorporate your knowledge about the customers to driving repeat sales and cross-selling. Research suggests that customers who make a purchase from a targeted/retargeted ad, a personalized email or offer are more willing to make a purchase again if they are satisfied with the product. And the return purchase is not limited to the same product or offer.

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